Money Making App

You don’t have to work in an office to earn money. With the continuous development of technology, earning money from Android apps is not impossible.

The applications that we discuss here are applications that have been proven to pay and there is no need to doubt them. Here we attach proof of payment.

Imagine for example you can get 20 Dollars to 100 Dollars per day, it must be really good. Because it is proven to have paid, many of these applications are installed. More than 60 million people have installed it. Now is the time for you to install this application, it’s free. The following is a list of applications that need to be installed and have been proven to pay.

1. PollPay

Many types of gifts can be obtained from this application such as Xbox gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards and cash that can be disbursed to local banks.

The way to withdraw cash in the Poll Pay application is to go to the payouts menu and then click require. After that, select the withdrawal amount you want.

3. CashPop

Users will get points which will be accumulated on the account. These coins can be disbursed to E-Wallet, pulses and also local banks.

To get money from CashPop, of course, you have to install it first. You can get this application on PlayStore or AppStore. After installing, you can use it to earn money.

4. Clipclaps

Users must register first before making money from this application. After that, please open the application and register using an email account.

The prizes that you can get from this application are Amazon shopping code 10 Dollars, cash cash amounting to 10 Dollars and 5000 coins which are equivalent to 5 Dollars.

5. Hello Apk

Especially for new users will immediately get 1000 coins. Everyone can use this application even if they don’t have a bank account because the money earned can be sent to a Paypal account.

To start getting this application, please install it first. Then login to the account that has been created. Go to the application homepage and profile page, there you can click the smile emoji that says get 5 dollars.