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Cash for Apps is a smartphone app that claims to pay people to download and use sponsored apps that exist in it. This app was founded by Mobvantage Marketing Ltd under the company’s Director Taylor Smears. The company is headquartered at 1115 Jonathan Drive, Penticton, British Columbia V2A8Z6, CA.

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It’s quick and easy to sign up and start using this application. You just download and install this application on your smartphone. Once you download it, you will be asked to enter a valid email address and password.


Although Cash for Apps is available and is available to downloaded in any country, the sponsored app that earn you points (applications contained in Cash for Apps) depends on whether the sponsored app works in your country.

You can exchange every 300 points that you earn from this app with $1. On average, most apps you download will earn you 70 to 100 points per download. But there are also some apps that give more points from a single app download.


So, how much you can earn depends on how many apps you can download. The more applications you use, the more points you collect.

In addition, this application also give you points if you referring friends or others to use it. You just give your referral code to your friends that they use it in registration step. You will get 90 points for referring others and your friends will get 20 points.

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